Sunday, April 5, 2009

More than Marvelous, More than Amazing

What a morning this was at Woodhaven today! So many people graced my church today with his/her presence because of the special speaker we had, Siran Stacy, the former Alabama football player. What a powerful testimony he holds despite all of his suffering. Losing his wife and children minus one daughter, all in one night, is the kind of suffering I hope I never feel. And yet, Siran was made into a powerful speaker for the Lord through this tragedy and has been able to bring so many to Christ with his enthusiasm and fervor for the Lord.

So many things were confirmed this morning as I listened to the message and story of Siran Stacy. Most recently, I have been praying and have asked other to pray about this as well, that I find some direction for this summer with teachoverseas. Last night, I was in prayer and just begging God to show me something, some kind of confirmation that I should go and teach English in Ukraine or Hungary or wherever and also testify to my students about how the Lord is so powerful in bringing his children together. This morning, the Lord just lay the passion on my heart to go this summer. I wasn't thinking about it until Siran mentioned true suffering even through what is considered smaller tragedies or even just worries... I hope that in my phone conversation with the rep from t-o that I am able to fully convey my true passion to teach anywhere and tell my story to those who don't know the Lord. I also hope that the Lord is able to open the door for financial aid and the opportunity to be away for 6 weeks and still be able to come back to my job. Or if I can't go back to my job that the Lord will open another job opportunity for me.

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