Tuesday, April 7, 2009


One of the older restaurants in town is closing this to commerorate its closing, my friends and I went to eat there for the last time (for some it was first and last). Sadly, there were only 3 servers for the entire restaurant, one being my best friend from high school. Because I had the "hook-up" as it were, I was able to score the last crab cakes of the day and our table basically got the last food from the kitchen... seeing as they ran out of food before 8pm... eek. We also got the last of this awesome cheesecake--Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake. She sat it down and we had it eaten before she left to go to the back. Yeah, it was that good.

We had been sitting there for a while, when suddenly we heard what we thought was someone falling and dropping plates. It turns out that a customer had gone to the back to complain about the food shortage and the owner did not appreciate it...yes, I said owner. He grabbed some plates and hurled them with impressive force out of the kitchen. One broke and landed beside one of my roommates and the other slide underneath my chair. While it was happening I thought the wall was going to fall on us. At first we were just kind of in shock and trying to figure out what happened, but a few minutes went by and we were laughing h
ysterically... mainly because we were still in shock and also because we all just got our meals FO' FREE! We have also called dibs on some of the decor of the restaurant through my friend who will keep it for us...because the wait staff gets to take stuff home when the store closes on Saturday. NICE!

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