Friday, April 3, 2009

Hope for the Hopeless

Have I used that title before?? I don't really remember. I am getting senile in my old age... seriously, in the past couple of weeks I will go to do something and then get distracted by someone coming into my office and then I have no idea what I was about to do...frankly a little sad that I am only 25 years old and already in need of some ginkgo for a memory boost.

For now, I have given up on reading anything new at least for a couple of days... or tomorrow which ever comes first...most likely tomorrow... I definitely need something to read for tomorrow I will be stuck at J-O-B Numero Dos all morning with nothing to do...except read or maybe workout... or both. Any book suggestions? Maybe some secret great read that only YOU know about and have read, but have kept a secret so you can be a snob about reading it...don't feel bad...I have totally done that before. I am reading newer authors so if you know of any that are actually good and not bad, then please let me know. Or if you know of any resources that I could be working on for my thesis send me that too. Hoole sent me some 'bank' resources on sermons and culture in the early 20th century Bama...I am pretty stoked about all of these books and materials at my fingertips and am eager to begin true work on it.

ALSO, I am moving forward in the process of applying to teach overseas in eastern Europe with teachoverseas...novel, eh? Please continue to pray for me as I pray for guidance and financial support for this ministry.

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