Friday, March 27, 2009

Old Enough

Oh blah days... friends coming into town this evening isn't even cheering me up...oh well.

So I thought I would talk a little about Beyond This Moment by Tamera Alexander since I basically just said that I read it and that was it yesterday...

I will repeat that Alexander does a really good job of consistency in her writing and story telling style, very good to read authors and know their styles. So... the story begins like any the beginning.

A woman looking for a new start after being fired from her position as Professor of Romance Languages at Franklin College takes the train and stage to a small town in Colorado. On the way over the mountain into the town, the stage loses balance on a sharp turn a teeters dangerously close the edge, threatening to plunge into the ravine. However, the sheriff sees this catastrophe in progress and does his best to help everyone exit the stage without injury. He speaks with the woman and tells her to come out first, but unfortunately she is pinned under another passenger and so they have to maneuver the three passengers so that she can be pulled out first and then the biggest man last... the shift in weight threatens to topple the stage and the man over the ravine so the sheriff ties off the stage and the man to the mountain and begins to pull...with help from the woman who steers the horses to pull the stage upright.

And so begins...a "meet-cute"? Maybe... there is definitely an attraction between the woman and the sheriff...however...she harbors a secret that if revealed would ruin his reputation and force the town council to fire her as the new school teacher of Timber Ridge (just remembered the name of the town). The sheriff, James McPherson, lives with his widowed sister and her two sons, and is determined to "spark" this headstrong woman. (Side note: Can we please bring back the phrase "spark" for courting? It's just so cute.)

For some reason, it has been taking me forever to finish reading The Inheritance, but as soon as I do I will be more than happy to bore you with the summary of this story as well. It's a good story and you will like it...or else. :)

Yay for weekends. That is all.

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