Monday, February 2, 2009

My name is...

So I read My Name is Russell Fink this past week and it was so good. I had put off reading it until now...and I can't figure out why. Such a quirky story and so well written. I discussed some of it today with my coworker, who I let borrow the book. We talked about Russell's jerk of a brother who Russell believes killed his dog, Sonny. And I told her about the end of the book which includes a section where the author interviews himself. It is quite funny and it is probably something that I will do as a part of my own literature.

I am seriously starting to slur and go all blurry right now... took some cold medicine...too bad i can't make these ellipses look all zig zaggy.


  1. Quirky B...sorry about the medicinally induces slurring, but I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you seemed to enjoy the book. Hope your co-worker does too.

    Feel better. And thanks for sharing your thoughts about Russell with the world. You made my whole day!


  2. Sorry, meant medicinally 'induced' slurring. My problem is more organic...too much moving and not enough sleep. Thanks again.

  3. No really, you just made my day. I mean seriously, how many people can say that an author has commented on their blog? Craziness.

    And my co-worker was really excited to hear about the comments too. She said even though the book was targeted to a young male population, she related to Russell's plight and to Geri as well.

    I am looking forward to reading your latest book!


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