Thursday, February 5, 2009


So I read another book... It's Not About Me by Michelle Sutton. OK, let me start off saying that when I began the book I was skeptical about the characters and their "Christianity" in the first couple of chapters...they annoyed the crap out of me with their flippant attitude toward their walks with God and they didn't fully understand anything about relationships, between friends, lovers, or God...needless to say I was really contemplating not finishing this story.

However, I picked it up again after reading some reviews of it on and decided to give it another go. The female character still annoyed me so I just tried to focus on the male characters in the story, who I felt had way more depth than the "people-pleaser" that was Annie. Both Dan and Tony were likable characters even though Tony had a real problem with alcoholism and his relationship with his family and God. Dan seemed very grounded and responsible and I couldn't blame Annie for falling in love with him (her fickle nature?). Too bad she was too swayed by gossip from the town 'slut' who had problems of her including her very conniving nature and terrible personality. There is supposedly another book coming out in September that continues the story of this "girl" and will probably talk about her pregnancy the search for the man who raped her after she got herself nice and sauced.

Maybe I am way too judgmental of this girl, I don't really think I am. I am putting some of the blame on the church that all of these people attend for not being more accountable for their congregation. I mean seriously most of these students are attending this church just to meet singles and hook-up. What kind of a church is this? Craziness.

For the end of the book, I was still convinced that Tony will forever hold a grudge against Dan (his older brother) for stealing his girlfriend out from underneath matter what Tony said or claimed at the end. I still wasn't convinced about Tony's supposed "conversion" either. Annie's was a little more believable but she was still struggling, which isn't surprising in the least but still someone in the church should be taking a more responsible role with these students...

Unlike my last post, I kind of hope the author doesn't find this one.. I don't know if she would like it too much. Sorry.

Also, let me just say this too really quickly before my roll ends... I did not like the cover. I usually don't like covers with the characters on the front because it messes with my perception of what the characters look like in my head, especially if they are described one way in the book and then they look different on the cover... don't do that publishing's a bad idea...

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