Friday, January 23, 2009

I can make a muffin!

So last night was interesting... I read some more fan fiction trying to keep myself distracted from the scene unfolding at our weekly "The Office" night... one of my friends has decided to get "back in the saddle again," which is great and all...but really does he have to do that crap in front of everyone? If I were just getting into a relationship and all of my friends were singles, I wouldn't be rubbing it in their faces. But alas all of these events make for great stories in my books to come.

And I had a little heart to heart with my roomie on why I couldn't let the "chips fall where they may". It's not like I like my friend who is dating, but I am just mad that while girls keep falling into his lap there is no new supply of guys that just enter our group and ask to go on a date with me. After I said that my roommate kept doing hand movements of a nail and a board and saying you hit the nail on the head... and other such phrases. Quite annoying really. Haha.

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  1. I will try to refrain from hand movements from now on! But you did sum it up quite nicely!


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