Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Convenience isn't always convenient

So finished another book today, this one by one of my favorite authors, Denise Hunter. Sweetwater Gap is the story of a girl who comes home to her family's apple orchard to help her pregnant-with-twins sister run the place with the orchard foreman, Grady Mackenzie. Of course, she left the orchard because of inward demons and has come back only to help and then run away again...but alas destiny has better plans and all that jazz...

And I talked out some of my "novel" ideas yesterday with my snarky roommate...after she commented on my last blog with her not-appreciated comments :). I do agree with her on why I can't make the two characters end up together because I can't see them together in real life. It would bother me to no end. Someone with less drama needs to enter my life so I have some more inspiration... know anyone that fits that bill?

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