Tuesday, December 23, 2008


For some reason the radio has changed its station from the Christmas station that was on to a generic rock station. I really don't know how that happened. It's kind of freakin' me out, frankly.

You know what I have noticed lately? A lot more Christian bands are finding themselves amongst the secular bands on regular radio stations, which I think is a good thing. Alas I am moving away from the Christian rock music to more traditional Christian music, you know the good bluegrass gospel hymns that were so popular after Oh Brother Where Art Thou? premiered. The good stuff sung by artists such as Patty Griffin, Allison Krauss, and others. Frankly, any Christian songs that can be played with a banjo, violin, and a mandolin is a very good thing.

I think I am going to learn how to play the mandolin. One of my friends plays and it's such a sweet little instrument...speaking of "sweet" instruments, maybe I will take up the dulcimer as well. If I know how to play the mandolin, I can sing more songs that I like in church, because another member of my church plays the banjo. Wouldn't that be a hoot? (hoot, you ask? yes, it would.)

Back to basics, I say. Too many churches are getting too technology-crazed and forgetting what is most important and causing a lot of its members to lose sight as well. I feel like I have. A lot of times I don't even bring my Bible with me to church anymore. How sad is that? What is more important to the church (other than the obvious-GOD) than the Word? I really have lost a lot of sight as to why I attend church. Not that I have lost any sort of faith or anything, but a sort of complacence and apathy that causes me not to be prepared to receive the Word anymore. My prayer life is a little more than non-existent and my time in the Word is basically only at church. Please pray for me. It is imperative that I find my place in the church, where I feel God's will being done in me. I have the choir, which I regularly attend and sing, but I feel like most of the other choir members don't take it seriously and just come because we needed a choir. No sense of loyalty or whatever in the group of people that basically leads the church in worship.

Hopefully, and you see I use that word A LOT, I can become more disciplined in my prayer life and my time in the Word.

Well, back to working and listening to Christmas music. (last heard- Bing Crosby and David Bowie- "Little Drummer Boy")

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