Monday, November 24, 2008


Ok I know I don't like to title my blogs something related to my subject but in this case I will make an exception and not worry about anything grammar related...apparently.

Friday evening, My friends and I made the 5:20 show of Twilight and stood in line to file into the theatre and see the movie that I have been waiting for since I read the books last January. I enjoyed the theatre pre-movie experience, because my roommate and I got to yell at some over zealous teeny bopper fans who were being slightly...overly...rambunctious. Oh yeah, yelling at teenage girls is extremely fun and I recommend it to those who have never done it before.

The movie began and I was definitely sucked into wanting to see what Catherine Hardwicke was going to do with the book that so many have been obsessed with for so long. It started well, allowing Bella to do what she did in the book, narrate the story. Well, at least in the beginning. All of the inner dialogue that gave the reader of the book an inside look at Bella's feelings developing for Edward was never revealed, which left a lot of movie viewers confused at how the two characters could care for each other (so quickly, it seems).

Bella's dreams were not even portrayed correctly on screen compared the book either. She dreamed of a "vampire" Edward (that was NOT in the book). Hardwicke even resolved to exclude the quirks of Bella's sleep talking, which in the book reveals to Edward that she loves him. WHAT THE HECK??

How could so much be omitted? Especially scenes such as the meadow scene (based on a dream which started the whole series in the first place!) were compiled to include other dialogue for other scenes. This scene should have been the date between Bella and Edward on the day of the girl's choice dance, where he drives her truck to the meadow and proceeds to hike to show her his true self in the sunlight. This is also the scene where their first kiss occurs. Does this occur in the movie? Nope. Hardwicke decided to have their first kiss be in her bedroom (a scene which is in the book, but it is the scene of the second kiss or make out whatever you want to refer to it).

Too much credence was also given to the rogue vampires who technically should not have been introduced until the baseball game scene. Not that I didn't like their characters, I did. I thought they all represented Victoria, James, and Laurent excellently. Sadly, Hardwicke gave more character development to those vampires instead of to the Cullens. So much should have been learned about the family, especially Carlisle and Alice.

Now, I am not saying that I didn't like the film, I did. However, I would have enjoyed it even more had it been fully based on the book. Many of my friends don't like it all because of the non-comparative nature between the film and book.

My question is how will they set up New Moon? Will they show a brief courtship of Edward and Bella before he leaves her life in the beginning or will they begin the movie with Edward leaving straight away?

I do wish that I could meet with Catherine Hardwicke just for a rap session on how a couple of my friends and myself would set up certain scenes...especially with specific songs that we have picked out for this particular film. Hmmm???

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