Friday, November 14, 2008


So I have thought up another story line to add to my first novel idea...seeing as it is "National Novel Writing Month"... so yesterday I commented saying that I would not be continuing with the present story line as is because it has been mirroring my own life way too much. So after having some "girl time" with some of my friends and talking about our several guy friends that serve no potential whatsoever to any of us other than "friends" I decided to add another guy to mix....I know, original. Whatever.

Anywho... in order to insure that everyone can be a winner although I don't think everyone will be a winner in my book... it's my book I can make someone lose if I want to... I will be adding another guy to confuse matters further between our two main characters that have been ripped apart by doubt...and the past... idk. It's a work in progress... I will not have 50,000 words written on this book by the end of the month... I would say I won't have 50,000 words written by the end of next year...

It may not be a very original story line...but frankly what is these days? These are the types of things that happen in real life so I will be writing about them and really don't care if you think I can think of something better than I what I already have. It's really not like people actually read this blog anyway so I can write whatever the heck I want...right?

So in my first blog attempt I included some synopsis material from my book..."wip" that it is.
Extension of first book...take 31.

3 years later our main female character is in "hiding" from those who she felt most betrayed by...that is the main male character, who she thinks has married the intrusive hussy who interrupted her wedding and caused so much of a ruckus that the main female character is now in hiding.......(heavy breathing).

Still deciding whether to give our main female character some middle of the road job like at Starbucks or some flower shop or something or give her a more substantial career.

New fellow shows up at her place of work (TBD) and flirts and asks her on a unknown to her triangle begins... as the main male character is still searching for her. The new fellow and she get along really well and like many of the same things...she feels herself giving a little more of her heart to him each day...but is still holding back that part of her past that may or may not scare him away.

Now here's where it can start to look too much like some Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook plagiarism... the main male character finally finds her... but in the arms of another man...Dah duh duh!

Does he go back home to get over her or does he interfere and try to win her back and convince her there is no one else in the world but her for him? Find out next time. If you dare...

Too cheesy for you? Not cheesy enough?
I guess there's no pleasing anyone these days...

And unlike Stephenie Meyer I am not listening to Muse... who I find to be a mediocre and uninspiring band. Sorry.

I am however listening to Coldplay. They don't necessarily inspire scenes from me but the songs are really nice to listen to when I am there.

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