Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jiffy Padded

Settling down...getting into a routine and becoming a regular part of my workplace is a nice feeling. And being appreciated is also nice. Today, one of my co-workers said that the curator commented on my seeming like a "happy camper". I hope that was a compliment. She said he meant it as one so I will take it as one. So there. Apparently, it pays to laugh all of the time. I am more than willing to laugh all day if no one objects. And if it does not scare away the students...
We'll see.

I have developed an extensive itunes library at my computer desk. Bad idea. A lot of it was music I had previously acquired, but having this new privilege on my computer will deplete my checking account faster than anything else I will do. Even rent. Seriously. It's a problem that I am living with...without remedy. An intervention will do no good.

So I read the book The Graduate the other day. Didn't really like it. Not that it wasn't witty or well written, it was. I guess I just didn't like the characters... too influenced although they thought they were the outsiders. Blah blah blah...

Skimmed the sequel Home School, which was about Benjamin and Elaine Braddock living in NY home schooling their 2 sons and dealing with the fact that apparently no one in the community approves of their decision to take their sons out of the school system. They fight back by inviting old Mrs. Robinson over to take care of things... and all she manages to do is alienate herself further from her family. Major...major...character flaws. No one is learning anything besides don't trust the old hussy...ever.

Still trying to figure out which storyline I want to go with for my first story. I think when I move to Portland next fall I will look for jobs only dealing with publishing companies and the like. That way I can get more experience with looking for good and bad ways to present writings and good and bad ways to actually write. The story I really want to start with is starting to feel a little too real... like it might actually happen to me...that I don't want to start it for fear I will have to finish it on how it actually happens...which probably won't be in my favor. If you want to know which story I am referring to please go back to my first blog and the synopsis will be there.

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