Friday, October 31, 2008

We Are Notre Dame

I hope you don't find it too disconcerting that my blog titles have absolutely nothing to do with what I actually write about in this blog or any other ones. That being said...I am getting really tired and would like a break. And by break I mean an actual vacation. You know you take a trip for more than a day, day and a half...more like a week long trip or even two weeks....and go somewhere awesome like New England to watch the leaves change (I know, too late for that) or to New York and watch the tourists cower in fear from the locals.

Hopefully, I will doing the latter, going to New York to visit one of my best friends. It will be the first trip to New York where I actually attempt to dress fashionably. The last two times I went I looked like a ragamuffin in all of my pictures. This time I will look better...maybe.
AND I will be taking a day trip to Boston and hopefully New Haven to visit Harvard and Yale. Just to say that I have been there. And to say "I just visited Harvard...ever heard of it?" You know, like Andy Bernard from the Office.

Yeah, I am that girl. The one that knows where quotes come from and will use them liberally in her daily conversations. The one that will point out that the person in this episode of Grey's Anatomy was from this other movie and was also in...etc.'s a crazy trivia/pop culture memorization talent/problem...whatever you wanna call it.

Hopefully, this fact is not a deterrent for the fellas...haha. My mom says it may be one of the reasons...coupled with my silliness and "heathern" behavior with my brother. Oh well. There must be a silly guy out there for me, who likes to act crazy with his family who appreciates useless trivia facts.

And oh yeah I dressed like Sarah Palin today for Halloween and even tried out her accent. My co-workers were vastly impressed with my Sarah Palin accent ability (even though I don't really think I sounded too much like her....just really Wisconsin-y) and even videoed me giving a speech. It was extremely silly, but fun. By mid-morning I just wanted to go home and change though. I don't think I will do anything tonight, no matter how much my roommate whines. :)

Pajamas...that sounds nice.

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