Monday, October 6, 2008

Red Vests

I have been thinking about different relationship dynamics lately. First, my friend has recently started dating his ex-girlfriend again and that relationship has always been "interesting" (a back and forth struggle of commitment issues). Second, my other friend (who is actually that guy's sister) is getting in deeper into a new relationship and apparently falling in love (even though the previous week she wanted her brothers to beat him up).

Apparently, my friends are having a better year than myself when it comes to developing romantic relationships. My other friend has started talks with this guy she likes from church, who is a really nice guy. It's funny to see the beginnings of a friendship with potential between two people, because no matter who else is the room or car, the conversations will revolve around those two, making whoever else is in the car feel either like a third wheel or a helper in the process. I felt like both. Frankly the guy didn't even know me so one would assume some surface questions would be asked like my name, age, job, and the like. Anyway the guy was nice enough and interested enough in my friend for her to want to invite him to a sacred night of tv (THE OFFICE). She is trying to get in some face time before she leaves for a 2 month internship in NYC. Also, if this relationship works out...future plans between my friend and I will deteriorate (plans to move to Portland...just for funsies). I am still unsure as to whether or not this will bother me.

My roommate and me are having the same thoughts...we want boyfriends. I think we are both tired of hearing about our friends romantic dramas and would like some of our own, which I think will be a very good dynamic in a book that we are trying to collaborate on with another friend. Crazy fun girl books...about girls who wants guys...go figure.

I think the only way either one of us is going to accomplish our desires at this moment will be to go to a different church or ministry...or meet someone at work(this one is more unlikely).

Anyway, these scenarios, however vague they look, will be used in upcoming books.

Let me know if you have other interesting romantic scenarios (I really like that word).

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