Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Professional

So I was rereading my previous blog from yesterday and I was thinking about how much the last part of my entry about writing looked like an actual writer's blog---whatever that's supposed to mean.

I am also glad that I am more or less an anonymous blogger, which I think is for the best. Unless my present project gets published and the story is even close to what I have described, no one will really know who I am, which I like. I think too many times people write blogs to vent their emotions, write about their fears, tell stories, and overall just toot their own horn. This can have good consequences or bad depending on who reads the blog. If you have written about how much you hate someone at work and they read it...well, then...that would certainly not make for a pleasant work environment. Although, some people are "discovered" for their writing talents and hired to be professional authors. However, I do not know of any cases where this has happened...but probably, right? Maybe, not.

On a different topic altogether, if you know of any new GOOD historical fiction (preferably Christian, but not necessarily), please comment on my blog and let me know!

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