Monday, March 7, 2011

Party Pooped.

Let me tell you... 
I'm partied least until April.

Friday night, some friends and I drove up
to Birmingham to attend a fancy lingerie shower
for our friend, Brianne. 
(Always a blush-worthy kind of event)

I don't even know how I'm going to handle
my own in April.

On Saturday, Jesse and I braved the roads
through the rain from Birmingham
back to Tuscaloosa, 
so that we could attend
our fabulous engagement party, 
hosted by some of my bridesmaids 
(Haley, Kim, and Jennifer), 
and another friend (Brookie!), 
who set up a wonderful photobooth
for everyone to enjoy. 

I think Jesse and I were both so
amazed at the people who 
came and made us feel super loved. 
We love you guys!

On Sunday afternoon, 
I had to attend a bridal tea
for me, hosted by my aunts
and some ladies from 
my mom's church, 
aka the church I grew up in. 
(P.S. I'm so glad that some of the
ladies finally got to meet Jesse!
He popped in at the beginning
and then headed to work.)

Let me just say that I was completely 
overwhelmed the second I walked in
there, because they had themed the 
party around my flowers
for the wedding. 
There were daisies on the tables
and a double daisy cupcake cake
and other yellow and white treats
on the tea table.

It was so pretty! 

I was also completely taken aback
at the amount of gifts that Jesse and I 
received (mostly cake plates...haha)

Definitely experienced another
moment of complete humility
from the love from those ladies.

(I must have really loved those towels...)

Thanks, Kim, for taking all of the pictures!
Best cousin ever!

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