Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quiet, you!

Thanks, Netflix. 
You are awesome. 

Recently, one of my roommates
began subscribing to this wonderful service.

And then proceeded to allow me access. 

Let's just say that I watched a movie 
with Jake Gyllenhaal
and the program thought
that my roommate should certainly
watch Brokeback Mountain now. 

Haha. Classic. 
Oh yeah, sorry about that. 

However, it's also recommended 
some great shows that I hadn't seen 
in a while. 

Pushing Daisies was one of those shows. 
Love that Ned, the pie maker. 
He could make all the desserts for my wedding. 
And they would be delicious. 

Another show 
that had been long forgotten
but not really...
The IT Crowd
You know I love that show. 
And the 4th series is
now on netflix for a-watchin'. 


My roommate has been catching up
on some old Office episodes
and man, I am so sad to 
think about the absence of Steve Carell
after April. 
Even if he's going to be replaced with Will Ferrell. 
Still won't be as good. 

I watched some episodes from season 2 last night
and was reminded of where I got a certain 
phrase that I use often and 
who used to say it more than me. 

Ol' E-liz
You know what I'm talking about. 
Think title. 

If you don't remember, 
I'll remind you in April.
(Counting down the days!!)


  1. Are you sure your roommate "allowed" you to have access to Netflix? Or did you allow yourself access?

  2. Way to be "anonymous," Jeff.
    I can't help it if I'm super crafty.

  3. That wasn't me. Apparently some anonymous person thinks what you did was wrong. Hmmm.... interesting.


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