Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Locust Attack

After looking through several wedding/craft blogs, 
I have pinned down at least 20 design ideas. 

Good thing it's not 100. 

Bright side, people.
Bright side.

How cute is this from The City Cradle?

And this!

Of course we're having this...
But that's not really design, so moving on.... 

It's a vintage candy bar. 
(You can rent the vintage cart here.)
I love the colors in this one.
So vivid and bright!

Of course, I love the picnicky feel of this one. 
The colors are a little drab though. 

You know how I love me some bikes... 

Also, how cute is this cake?
It's totally presh. 

P.S. If you're wondering about the title of the blog today...
The Woods Hall alarm sounds like a swarm of locusts. 
And it went off today. 
In the middle of a rain storm, 
poor, poor students
had to stand outside. 

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