Monday, January 24, 2011

Chatty Chats

You know what the hardest part of planning a wedding is?
(At least for me...)

Putting together the guest list. 

Especially if you have limited resources and seating... 

And if you're a giant procrastinator like me...

I'm frankly proud that I've gotten as much done 
so quickly without dropping it like a hot potato...

Anywho, I took initiative today and actually 
sent out notifications to all invitees
via facebook (thanks, zuckerberg)
to collect addresses. 

The collection process is going pretty smoothly. 

And The Knot has a neat feature, 
where you can record all of your guests and their contact info
and make your invitation labels and seating chart. 

Easy peasy.

For a unique twist on the guest book, the couple had guests sign squares of fabric Ginny had collected from her time studying abroad. The bride is embroidering over the handwritten messages and plans to sew the fabric into a quilt.
Courtesy of The Knot.

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