Monday, January 31, 2011

I can see my desk!

New week. 

Spending the morning marveling at my 
very clean desk, which I cleared yesterday
(I know... Sunday work=no bueno). 

It does relieve some serious stress though. 

I've also been perusing the photos 
submitted on Pioneer Woman's blog, 
which are gorgeous pictures of flowers

orange flower

after the rain

itty bitty


If you don't feel happier looking at flowers, 
there may be something wrong with you. 

Speaking of happiness, 
I wanted to share some thoughts 
from the sermon from SHC yesterday. 

BJ spoke about meeting God in your strengths.
(Genesis 39)

1. It's something I needed to hear. 
Many times I will put off doing something
or listening to God, because I think I need 
to improve something in myself
before I can truly obey. 

2. It made me think about my strengths
and how I use them for God's glory
(if I even do). 

3. It also encouraged me for the future. 
God doesn't want me to dwell on my weaknesses, 
but acknowledge His strength. 


Have a great Monday!

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