Monday, December 6, 2010

Ornament Overload

Why does Christmastime always seem 
to carry an ever so slight amount of stress with it?

It's just there.
Hovering over you, waiting to pounce,
so that when you are truly in a bind, 
that stress will settle onto you and 
you will snap. Boom. 

Let me just say sorry in advance. 

And...moving on!

Decorations are going up around campus
and town and I love it!

Christmas Cheer is Here at UA!

This week also seems filled with
Christmas-y activities. 

The annual Christmas parade is tonight
and Dickens Downtown is tomorrow night. 


If campus looked like this at night, I would camp
out every day until Christmas. 
You doubt me?

The boys (aka my roommates) decorated the house
yesterday and needless to say it doesn't look like this:
But it was pretty darn close. 
Very nice job, guys. 
You thought I was going to say it looked bad, didn't you?

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