Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The limbo of the holidays

I have a few more days until I have to get back to 
work, but I do believe that I have accomplished a ton
this past week. 

For example, on Tuesday (aka yesterday), my mom, 
my cousin, and my MoH went to David's Bridal 
to search for my perfect wedding dress. 
Let me tell you, my dress is a-may-za-zing. 

However, I can't show you. 
Jesse reads this blog. 

I have also chosen some possible dates
and colors for the big day. 

Hopefully, I can book my venue
before it's taken!


If it is, my day will be RU-EENED!

Not really. 

Although, I would be terribly disappointed. 
I've got some awesome plans for Capitol Park. 
Look it up to check out it amazingness.

Today, I chatted with some of my bridesmaids 
about the possibilities that are developing for the engagement
party and the main event. 

It's gonna be sooo good. 
I'm so thrilled to have such awesome bridesmaids.

I'm looking forward to my mom meeting Jesse's parents 
tomorrow as well. That should be interesting. 

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