Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm somebody.

This past Wednesday, November 10th, 
was seven months for Jesse and me. 

It's crazy to think that we only met back in April. 
And now...

We celebrated our 7th month anniversary of dating
at the Cypress Inn yesterday. 

Such a good restaurant...
and we got in quite quickly
for a day that every one was out and about
for the holiday. 

I'm sure to everyone else in the restaurant
we looked like "that couple."
You know what I'm talking about...
all giggly (me, that is...Jesse doesn't giggle), 
lovey-dovey, etc...

And guess what?
I'm ok with that. 

Last night was also the second to last 
Trés for the semester.
If you don't know what Trés is, 
please do stop by the 2420 building on 
December 2nd for our last meeting of the 
year and a great meal!

I was really encouraged last night by Jen and Carli, 
who spoke about their testimonies, 
and yes, I cried. 
Very touching stories about 
struggling with faith and family and 
with life and death. 

I'm glad I have a "family" at Safe Haven. 


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