Monday, November 15, 2010


Good morning, all. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

i would almost prefer to see more star wars shit ALMOST

I saw this on Natalie Dee and immediately thought about my friend, Lindsey. 
She is obsessed with bacon.... 
ok, maybe not obsessed, but still.  

It's quite the drab day today in Tuscaloosa.
It's been raining all morning
and doesn't look like it's going 
to subside anytime soon.

I'm listening to my Michael Bublé station on 
Pandora. It's pretty sweet. 

I'm also glad it was raining today, 
because that meant I had to drive instead 
of walk and my legs are crazy sore 
from the 5k/spontaneous ultimate frisbee game
I participated in yesterday. 

The event itself was pretty fun and I saw Quidditch on the Quad
along the way, which slowed down my time ever so much.

I also enjoyed seeing my old friend, Andrew, 
and playing a random game of ultimate with all 
of his friends from Pine Cove. Good times. 

Some friends and I will see him in about
3 weeks, when he gets married! 

I'm still processing....

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  1. the other night this english gal was telling me a story about how she was trying to be a vegetarian and she was successful for a whole year. then one night she went over to her parent's house and her dad was grilling bacon. he told her, "you smell this???.. still want to be a vegetarian?" that night, she lost her vegetarian'ness. HA!

    ps- you're crazy running a 5k! you should run with my sis... :)


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