Thursday, October 14, 2010

Subtle Exuberance

Verse of the Day:

"Let all that I am praise the Lord; 
may I never forget the good things he does for me."

Psalm 103:2

This is such an appropriate verse for me 
today, because of what happened last night
while helping out with youth. 

I don't think I've ever volunteered with youth
that have been so open with their lives before.
Even the stuff most adults won't mention to their 
peers, these kids will talk about with us. 

Some of their problems are the trivial 
teen dramas that seem to come and go 
so frequently their attitudes about life and God
seem to teeter just as frequently. 
Talking to them makes me remember
why I didn't want to be a social worker, not
because I can't listen with patience, 
but because they can't accept answers about life
that are different from their teen spectrum. 
Very frustrating for both parties. 

Some have serious family problems, which 
leads to a downward spiral of depression
and thoughts of "Why am I the only one who suffers?"

One actually admitted to almost "doing something stupid," 
i.e. committing suicide, but a friend's text right before 
the time of the act prevented that from happening.

Is that a miracle? I think so. 
Even though the student was very 
skeptical about it, I think she thought it was 
miraculous as well. 

Please pray for these students. 
They are great kids and
come every week to read the Word
 to know more about the Lord, 
even though some claim to be unbelievers. 

I'm hoping we can put everything
on the table, so that these kids know 
that they aren't alone in their troubles.
And that life may have its downs, 
but also has its ups. 

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