Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I don't understand why no one liked 
Rachel's rendition of "Papa Can You Hear Me?"
from Barbra's Yentl on Glee last night.

Frankly I figured people would 
have had more to say about the 
blasphemy that Finn committed by praying to 
a grilled cheese sandwich. 

But whatever. 

I will agree with Ryan Murphy that teenagers
generally don't understand "religion"
and just try to make do with what they think
they understand. 

Even the adults seemed to have a slippery grasp on
what it means to believe and pray. 

Both Kurt and Sue Sylvester revealed
that neither believed in God, because of 
various reasons where they had been hurt. 
Not a shock there. 

Definitely cried during Kurt's version of
"I Want To Hold  Your Hand"
while singing about his childhood and his dad.

Moving on... 
Can you believe that it's Wednesday already?

Good verse of the day:

Our people must learn to do good by meeting the urgent needs of others; then they will not be unproductive.

~ Titus 3:14


  1. I liked her rendition! I must say that I was concerned where that episode was going to go but thought it was mostly well done, particularly since it was from a secular perspective. And, yes, I totally cried during I want to hold your hand! And I found myself starting to pray for Kurt's dad and then was like "Wait, this is a tv show."

  2. quite frankly i'm tired of youtube videos telling me that they've blocked videos and that i'm "out of the country code". lame-o.

    ps- i almost used that EXACT picture in today's post... but then i changed my mind completely on what i was going to write about..

    pps- pawwwwwince HUMPADIIIIINCK!

  3. Lea- I know right! Yeah, I really wanted someone to tell Kurt to just shut up and let them pray for his dad. Haha.

    E-liz- I really don't like this whole "country code" thing... can't we all just have the same one?
    Yeah, I saw it yesterday, because I was surfing on justlovely and thought I should "borrow" it... haha.

    Humpadink, Humpadink, Humpadink!


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