Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That's not how you spell my name.

For some reason I forgot about this until now... 

Yesterday morning before work, I went to Panera to eat breakfast 
(stay with me, this is not the forgotten part)
and walked through the door and noticed a lady walking toward the door with a
huge bag of bagels and a purse and coffee in her hand. 

So I naturally held the door open for her... 
and she shockingly said "thank you." 

How sad is it that people are genuinely surprised when
someone shows common courtesy? 

Do yourself and a stranger a favor today.
Do something nice for someone you don't know.
I know, I know... "paying it forward" is such old news...
but is it really?

This is a coloring page for children
Don't tell me everyone has forgotten
 what they learned in kindergarten. 

I looked for pictures labeled "courtesy"
on, but this is all I found:
Isn't that nice? 
Don't get me wrong. It's really funny.
We'll leave it that. 

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