Thursday, September 23, 2010


On my morning walk I saw a squirrel fall out of a tree.
Not that I was totally shocked by that, 
the university is overrun with 
the cute little rodents. 

The funny thing about these squirrels
is that most of them seem pretty tame
Instead of using trees to travel across campus, 
some squirrels use the stairs. 

So watch out UA faculty and students, 
the squirrels have apparently taken up 
base jumping.

Also, if you weren't aware of the DoW, 
it's Thursday.
My favorite day of the week.

I will be keeping small group meal prep 
pretty simple tonight
as I am making 
(said in Italian accent)

I'm also going to make
the Pioneer Woman's "The Bread."
This bread is supposed the be the best of the best.
We'll find out this evening, won't we?

I always enjoy making her recipes, 
because they are sooo delicious
and pretty foolproof. 


Have a great Thursday!


  1. Please let us know how "the bread" turns out! Her post on that perplexed me a bit. Mostly because I'm not sure I've ever used a broiler in my life (out of fear I think) and I don't know how broiled butter becomes so different.

  2. I will indeed! I use the broiler rarely when I just want the top of something cooked a little more... you have to be very vigilant with the broiler or whatever you are cooking is going to be burned badly. Haha.


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