Monday, September 27, 2010


Since moving into a new house last week, 
I began thinking about what I would want 
in my own house someday. 

Let's start with the kitchen, shall we?

I have wavered over the years
in the area of decor...
should it be 50s diner inspired
or 60s/70s retro

Homemade PieFresh Coffee

kitchen sign wood handmade wall eat Light Turquoise
Vintage Rolling Metal Kitchen CartAntique Diner Mugs Made By Buffalo China Set of 3

I definitely want some vintage kitchen goodies like these...
Vintage Bromwells Flour SifterThree Nesting Glass Bowls JAJ England

        Vintage Enamel Coated Beehive Design Osterizer Deluxe BlendorFall Tea TowelSummer Vintage Floral Juice Pitcher. Glasses. Set of 6.

Too much?

Side note: I picked that particular blender because it looked 
like it should be used in a Dexter viewing party.
(Bloody Dexters, anyone?)

And just in case you thought I would shop anywhere else, 
all of these images are from Etsy

Except for this one, 
which comes from weheartit.



  1. I totally agree! And I have some of these things! Now, if I can only make my kitchen cute instead of too grandmaw/thrift store.

  2. I'm sure your kitchen looks great! My mom has a sifter like that and I'm seriously considering "borrowing" it from her...permanently. Haha.


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