Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strawberry Seeds

I'm part of the "in crowd." I go where the "in crowd" goes. 

That's right, people. I have an iTouch. 
It's definitely weird to actually understand conversations with your roommates 
now that you know what all of these "apps" are. 
I can watch videos and read books and listen to music and play scrabble and sudoku and all that jazz! 
I'm probably overexcited, but I figure the novelty will wear off quickly 
and I won't really care that I have one after a while. 

On a totally different note, the new Passenger album was finally released in the U.S. on iTunes. 
About flippin' time, yo. 
I can't really say right now if it's better than their last album, Wicked Man's Rest
but I am doing some in-depth listening to both albums for comparative research. 

I'm a fan of grooveshark, but they are failing a bit on the "new songs by Passenger."  Here are some goodies from their last album though. Enjoy.


  1. Hi.

    I just noticed your comment about the new Passenger album. From what you said, it appears that you might not know about their second album (from last year) called "Wide Eyes Blind Love." The new album ("Divers and Submarines") is their third album. You can find the second album on iTunes, too.

    I think all three of their albums have had very different feels. You can tell that the production budget was much bigger on the first album than the second and third, and the overall feel is much more spare on the more recent two. I've only had the third one for a few weeks, but my overall impression is that I like the second album best of the three and the newest album is my least favorite, although that might change a bit with further listens. If you're interested, there are also some videos from the second album on YouTube.

    Of course, if you already know about last year's album and I'm just misinterpreting your post, please accept my apology for wasting your time. :-)


  2. Thanks, David. I actually had no idea about the second album. I will definitely look up those songs!


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