Friday, April 30, 2010

Target Rich Population

Pic here.

We jumped into 1 Peter 3 and read through the chapter bit by bit until we had analyzed all we could without our heads exploding.

-Wives submit to your husbands, all the while being totally respected by them.
-Context- within the church, as Christ is the bridegroom, the church should submit to Him and you will be blessed.
-"Suffering for righteousness' sake"- Be good. Do good. No matter what.

Yes, Andy, that baptism that saves you is by the holy spirit through the resurrection of Christ, not by water. I'm sorry my bottle of Aquafina couldn't send you to heaven. (vs. 18-22)

And any small group where the word "ridonculous" is used is awesome in my book.

Next week, 1 Peter 4. If you come, read up. We love to have new people. And get ready for your world to be rocked. (we can't use the same phrase every week, now can we?)

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