Thursday, April 29, 2010

and applesauce

My roomie cooked dinner for us last night for the first time in for-e-ver (frankly, I can't remember the last time she did cook)...anyway, I digress.

It was delightful. She made pork chops, crash hot potatoes, salad, and bread (they've got bread here? we should eat bread at home!). Our friend, Lowe, also came over to eat and she brought some very delicious chocolate chip cookies. Thanks for dinner! It was great!

The only thing not delightful about the night was Barnes and Noble... a ton of people came out of the woodwork last night to go and sit at Barnes and Noble and take *our* seats. And yes, they are our seats, because we are regulars and deserve our own section. I may just make a sign. Some people that I know, who frequent the B&N, have their own cups at the coffee shop there. Anywho, we had to sit in the corner by the magazines, which was crazy boring, because we couldn't watch anyone (our main reason for frequenting, followed closely by talking loudly). I did read the latest issue of Mental Floss, which is the best magazine ever. Read it. It's good.

And side note:
Thanks, Andrea for your excitement! I'm excited, too!


  1. How yummy do those potatoes sound? And I'm totally following that blog now, although my mom will totally be upset that her name has already been used for a blog :(. And how dare people sit in our seats :).

  2. Agreed! They not only sound good, but they ARE good.

    And people need to watch themselves in the B&N... jerks. Haha.


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