Friday, April 16, 2010

The Ironmen are Loud.

It's 9am and it's way too early for high schoolers to be here and be soooo loud. But thanks again to Daniel and Aynslee for squiring them around Woods. You will be given treats for your excellence.
Now I'm playing the waiting game for them to come back to my office for my little spiel. I didn't spend yesterday afternoon and this morning folding brochures and printing major/minor checklists for them to not come over here.

Listening to "Lead Me To The Cross" from Hillsong United. Sang it last night at Thursday night worship with Safe Haven...fabulous song and Hannah did a wonderful job singing it. Adam also did a great job with his "illustrations" of Jeremiah 17. I'm still trying to figure out if he drew a red tree or a giant red mushroom... (j/k, I know it was a tree...)

Hope you have a great day! And if you go to A-Day tomorrow, have fun!

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