Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stop being a slowy.

I was walking from my favorite coffee kiosk this morning and discovered that my patience wears a lot more thin with students/adults than it does with kids. A guy had his coffee and was walking to the door, but so slowly that I felt like I had to walk backwards to go slower than him. So... I totally cut across the hallway and bypassed a couch so that I could pass him... no patience for slowies. (don't know what a slowy is? ask Leah Teuber)

And thanks to Vicki, I have the Phantom of the Opera theme in my head. (She's watching the most recent figure skating programs.) So not only do I need to listen to Phantom of the Opera, but I am in the mood to watch The Cutting Edge.

And counting down until Thursday night, when we start our new small group with Safe Haven church! Woot! I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do with our group and the rest of the church for this year.

Coming in April: Pray for our team as we prepare to go to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to serve at an orphanage.

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