Monday, February 22, 2010

If You Don't, Don't

If you don't well, honey, then you don't And if you don't well, honey then you don't If you don't know, honey Honey, then you don't...

I don't exactly know how you want to translate these... however you want to, I guess. But seriously, I have been listening to Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World all weekend. Such a good album.

So anyway, apart from being all maudlin, I am super excited to be wearing some flip-flops today...even though it has gotten colder outside and in my office since this morning...what's that about? I just want to go to the quad and play some Frisbee. Is that too much to ask from the day?

Funny note from last night's week 2 class for Safe Haven... totally translated some Greek. Hahahahaha! Troy had some words listed on our handouts and I transliterated the words. Felt smart last night and Troy looked truly astonished that I knew any Greek at all. Just a little horn-tooting...that's all.

And now, Flickr has greeted me in Arabic. What's that all about?
But the picture won't go where I want it I am giving up...for now. You win today blogger. You win today.

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