Thursday, July 2, 2009

Channeling Gigi...

Bad idea, bad idea. Why after a date with a guy do I automatically think like Gigi on He's Just Not that Into You? Is it the lack of confidence in my ability to attract a second date? I don't know. Frankly, I haven't been on that many so I guess probably.

However, I have been praying quite a bit about it, because I just read this book called Never the Bride, where the main character who is 10 years my senior and struggled with singledom a lot longer than I have is confronted by God himself who tries to guide her through her singleness and change things for the better...
It was a really good book though...could be construed as blasphemous by those not wanting to "personify" the Lord, but I think a lot of the character traits that this book "God" had would be the same way that He would guide those asking for help...

Anyway, back from the beach...never to go back there again. At least not without some more people, preferably friends that I can hang with while my mom and brother complain about this or that. Blargh. Or maybe I will just stick to the Pacific coast beaches... I like those better anyway. (Yeah, I am a beach snob.)

Good day! (in the style of Paul Harvey)

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