Monday, June 22, 2009

Hardy Har Har

Yeah, I am on twitter...but it's only because one of my friends dropped facebook and wanted me to join...ok? Yeah, I am deeply influenced by peer pressure.

I still don't really understand the use of twitter except for the whole celebs want to have yet another venue to voice their views on subjects they know only a little about and tell me about their awesome day in Paris or L.A. while they picked up a latte at the nearest Starbucks... hmm.. do I really care about that?


Some are actually pretty funny. Peter Facinelli for instance. Funny guy...made a bet with a friend that he could get 500,000 followers within an allotment of time and if he doesn't he has to walk somewhere in a bikini. This will be very funny to watch. I will have to tell Haley to keep an eye out for a bikini clad Carlisle. Hehe.


  1. In this case, you twittering little quirky bird, I redact the statement I made at dinner the other night about Twitter breeding narcissism. Because I know you. And you are not narcissistic.

  2. Haha... you never know. Twitter can bring it out of people. :)


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