Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I finished Jane Austen Ruined My Life last night. Good stuff. Beth Pattillo, you did good.

After reading, my passion for wanting to write a non-fiction book about 19th century female authors resurfaced...although I really don't like the Bronte family. Even Branwell...passing his consumption onto his sisters. That is something I wouldn't encourage my children to share. I do believe everyone in the Bronte family died of tuberculosis. But then again, who didn't in that time period?
Frankly, the story about all of these authors will probably end up being some sort of journal article about the spread of consumption in the 19th century and how it ended many an author's life... except for Jane Austen...who died of Addison's disease.

Argh. Why can't at least one of these author's die in their sleep at a ripe old age? What ever happened to "natural causes"?

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