Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Wow, it's cool when your news feed on facebook is empty because you've basically hidden all of your friends, just because you are tired of drama from one person. Eek. Oh, but what a lovely way to de-burden the day though. And give you excuse to use non-threatening interjections. And sing the song by School House Rock.  I started a new book series last week, but I won't write about it until I read the entire series. Apparently, BAM and B&N could only be bothered to have one of the four available for purchase. So... I have ordered them on and expect their arrival in a few days. 

I am also preparing for departure 2 for one of my best friends, who is moving to LA this summer. I will hopefully be flying out to see her and some others that also live there and in San Diego in June. I do enjoy Cali. I don't think I would ever move there though, I just like the visiting. 

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