Friday, April 17, 2009

Forgot the title...sorry.

Who doesn't love Johnny Rockets? If you don't, just go ahead and navigate away because we are no longer friends.

Actually got some time off yesterday to go "out of town," 45 minutes away to Birmingham, AL... to go shopping with my mother and brother (who is out of school for spring break this week). I haven't gotten to spend that much time with my family lately due the amount of jobs that I have, however, I requested time off so that I could. No crazy fighting happened, just good 'ol fashioned sibling tiffs, which annoyed our mom to no end...but with such funny results.

I bought another scarf...I know right...yeah, I am starting a nice collection now. This one is green with dark green polka dots so it doesn't look anything like my others scarves. My mother also found a dress for me to buy for work/church/ one of my least favorite stores (because I HATE rummaging)...Ross. Nothing gives me a bigger headache than shopping all day with no real goal in site... ugh.

As you probably guessed, we ate dinner at Johnny Rocket's, because basically that place is just flippin' awesome and there's really no where else I would rather go in B'ham. I got a chicken sandwich and fries, as did my bro, who could have used the line, "I'll have what she's having." Alas, he chickened out as he always does when he copies me on a meal... we also scored some milkshakes and were very loud with our silly photography.

This picture is my brother making fun of my mother...

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