Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lungs Speed, Lungs Sped

I am working off of pure caffeine and adrenaline right now. I wrote a paper for $30 on the Lost Colony of Roanoke. I tell you what, I love writing papers under extreme amounts of pressure, but not while people are talking though...that's annoying and distracting. I can't wait to actually write some of my own work to be published under great deadlines... like a week deadline for a 300-page novel or thesis on Christianity in the early 20th century. As long as I have the facts for the paper in front of me, I can write anything...hopefully.

Last night, I planned on finding a quiet place to write after I left the rec center (30 minutes late, mind you), but ended up at Capture and watched Open Mic night. Some of these artists were really really good. You could tell that they only play for friends and would apologize in the middle of a performance (a lot like me, actually) and then keep playing. They sang songs by Sarah McLaughlin, Counting Crows, The Flaming Lips, and so on. Pretty good night...I did underline one book during the "concert" and had the facts ready to go for that one. I woke up this morning at 6am to look at the two extras that I needed for research and had the paper done by 11am. Oh yeah. If I had to go straight through without distractions and actually doing my job I would have had it done by 9am. So there, Will. My promise was almost fulfilled.

Now for the adrenaline and caffeine crash which should be coming in about 15 minutes.

A Bientot!

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  1. Ooh, I am one who can definitely understand a good appreciation for writing under pressure. It's a thrill (that's why I always procrastinate)!

    Also, is the title of this post a reference to Brooke Waggoner, or is that a saying I don't know about?


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