Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kali Sarakosti!

Lent does lend to some very important realizations...that is if you are participating in this Christian ritual/ceremony/tradition...whatever you want to call it. During these past weeks of Lent, I have continued my fast of two things... french fries and fan fiction. Why these two items? Well, with anything that you give up for Lent you have to think about if it has precedence over your relationship with Christ. If the answer is yes, then it is probably a good idea to let it go.

Although my two items may seem totally meaningless to you, I considered it very important for me to leave these things behind, especially the fan fiction. Some days at work I would not do anything, but read these stories about twilight characters. Not very responsible. Since then, I have developed new databases for students and have basically passed the point of actually caring whether or not I miss a new chapter of my favorite story. Forsaking french fries was also good because it gave me a chance to try new foods that don't come with fries. I have eaten more salads and veggies and have gotten healthier because of it. Not to say that I will never eat french fries again after Lent, because let's face it...french fries are awesome... I just won't be so dependent on them with meals...

I wish I had given up peeps (even though I don't eat them) so one of the little marshmallow pieces could do this.

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