Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christos Anesti!

Keeping the Greek thing going at least for today... means "Christ is risen!" Christ is risen, indeed!

Hope you have had a wonderful Easter/Resurrection Sunday--whatever you wanna call it.

I took some interesting looks today at Starbucks in my black dress...sorry it was my "costume" for church choir cantata...wore a purple scarf with it...brightened it up just a bit. If those people don't like it...they can "GET OUT." haha.

The cantata went well. As well as we could do that is. I didn't hear any complaints and I enjoyed the whole performance...except for the very heavy music book that I held with one hand for a straight 35 minutes. Yeah, my arms are getting crazy strong. If some mugger tries to get me, I can hit him with my new Popeye arms...that'll show 'em. Ate lunch at Cracker Barrel with the family and one of my friends who couldn't go home for Easter. Good food. Didn't have to wait too long, just about 10 minutes and looked at the new summer items that CB has to offer.

Rushed from lunch to work...yes, work. Stupid rec center has to be open on Easter... you know how many people would have been disappointed that we were closed had we been? 9. Yes, nine people wouldn't have had a chance to work out today. They could have made up for it tomorrow...or you know what? It was a lovely day in T-town. Walking outside wouldn't have killed any of them. I actually want to do that I will. :)

Talked to my mom today about girl stuff...and boy stuff I suppose... seems I work too much to find myself a boyfriend. Sad. Well, my soul mate better mosey on down to the rec center or my office and make himself known. That's what I say. haha.

Only two more weeks until my fun concert trip with Jen and Vicki to see RAY LAMONTAGNE!! Yeah!! I am super excited.

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  1. I am so jealous Brittni!

    1) Cracker Barrel is my absolute, most favorite restaurant. Being so far away from my family, I wanted to eat there today. (The exact sameness is comforting, like home.)However, Michael made me actually cook on this Easter Sunday.
    2) Ray Lamontagne is my absolute, most favorite musician! Oh well...I will be happy for you. The man is even better live. Have fun!


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