Monday, March 23, 2009

I love UPS!

So the books that I ordered three weeks ago finally showed up in my office today. Yes!!! 

Tamera Alexander released two more books in two of her series--- Beyond this Moment and The Inheritance. Because I was so antsy about reading these, I already started reading bits of the first one at Barnes and Noble...I am on chapter 18...and before you say anything...yes, I read my books over and over and over again...I don't just read a book and am done...absolutely not. 

I probably said this yesterday, but I bought The Time Traveler's Wife...still reading that one...probably won't pick it up again until I am finished with ol' Tamera's books there...

Books to look forward to: A Bride in the Bargain Deeanne Gist (June)
That Certain Spark Cathy Marie Hake (August)
A Passion Denied Julie Lessman (May)
Paying Piper Tamara Leigh (May)

Oh yeah... all of these authors are my favorites...

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