Monday, February 16, 2009

Singles Awareness Day...sad...

Haha. In the tradition of being a single lady, I did what every stereotypical woman does that doesn't have a date for Valentine's Day...I bought my favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream (Karamel Sutra) and watched 27 Dresses, which by the way I can only watch certain parts of not including the parts with the jerky sister. Oh valentine's day... hahaha.

I finished another book this weekend... the sequel to The Guy I'm Not Dating...called Too Good to Be True. It was pretty good. About a divorced woman whose husband cheated on her and had another child with his mistress... yikes.

She meets a new fella a year later who "rescues" her after she faints at a Walmart. Their courtship starts out slowly, progresses quickly and then comes to a stop when both of their mother's interferences reveal internal problems with each other. They finally confront both of their mothers and resolve problems with some slight hindrances... Altogether a good weekend read and I am looking forward to picking up #3 in this series Beach Dreams about a friend of the woman from this book. La-ti-da.

This evening I am beginning my tutoring sessions in Trig, Geometry, and other various maths... for a woman who is studying for the GMAT.... unfortunately she will not be taking this test until the fall... maybe with the tutoring sessions she will be ready at a quicker pace...and I won't have to tutor through the summer. That would really not be good. Messing with my vacation times...I am looking forward to tutoring someone in English... maybe some writing help.

AND I am finally planning a research trip somewhere in Alabama...maybe Eutaw or another good small town in Bama... for my heroine to run away to and open up her own coffee/music/book shop. Yeah.

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