Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hey, He Seems Like a Nice Guy

Seriously, I am not a mean person. Sarcastic, yes. Mean, no.

So why does my roommate's friend think that I dislike him? Because of my hilariously funny sarcastic text messages to him? Perhaps...still I don't think that a few sarcastic comments tells someone that I don't like him. I mean, really? Does he even talk to my roommate? We are very sarcastic in everything that we say...okay...maybe not that sarcastic but still we getting a snarky comment in every once and a while.

BOTTOM LINE: I have nothing against the guy. But alas, he will not believe me.

So New Year's, yeah? 2009... wow. Almost into the teens of the new millennium, which is totally crazy. Lots of new things happening this friend is moving to LA to go to grad school and probably marry the fella she's dating that lives there. So there's another friend that I will lose to California... My other friend is taking another internship this time to LA for the summer...and I fear that our Portland move won't happen.

Which is the other thing that will hopefully be different about this year... moving away. I am hoping that I will find a good fit in Portland...we shall see.

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  1. So, yeah... I don't know why he won't believe you but he doesn't. Then again I don't think kite flying is fun!


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