Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Wanting to be a writer and actually accomplishing that task in a timely fashion is pretty flippin daunting. Seeing as how I have so much competition, I don't see too much hope of seeing anything that I write on any best seller's list, but I digress.

It seems that a lot of the books I read (i.e. Christian fiction) have been using blogging as apart of their narratives. So as practice for a future novel that I may or may not write, I am blogging. I know, it's oh so original, but at least I will be writing something instead of nothing.

I started thinking about writing a novel after many hours of reading the past year at a job where I either watched kids playing or watched kids napping...and then a story idea came from a dream (I know, Stephenie Meyer did that too). Soooo...I wrote down what I could remember from the dream and then made up names for the characters that I could see (however, the names are quite horrible and will never be used).

In the beginning stages of the story I got stuck trying to reconcile a time period...for what was happening in the story time period is most important as far as transportation and other resources for my character goes. After asking my friends though, the consensus was for keeping it a contemporary novel and not historical fiction.

So that you will continue ready this drivel and not be bored...or maybe you will be bored, I will give you a short synopsis of what will happen in the story. And it's all soooo cliche, it's awesome.

The prologue begins at a wedding. The bride is walking down the aisle and has just made it to the front. She looks at her future husband lovingly and then looks to the pastor to begin the ceremony. In a true Mrs. Robinson moment, a woman bursts through the double doors and runs down the aisle to confront the groom. The other woman rips the couple apart and begins to tell the bride that her groom does not love her, but truly loves her (the other woman). The bride looks to the groom for any kind of reaction and finds nothing but confusion and maybe a little anger. Before another word is spoken, the bride pulls herself away from the other woman's grip on her arm and rushes down the aisle outside to the honeymoon getaway car and drives away.

Chapter one begins 2 years later in another town with the former bride claiming a brand new persona for herself. The only people who know her whereabouts are her mother, father, and younger brother.

Ok so I do have more written but it really isn't all that coherent. The story will include the former groom (of course) who had searched for the bride for a year and then decided to move on with his life. Although, chance encounters with his past seem to find a way into his present.

That is all I have for now, but come back in the near future for any developments...

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