Monday, September 26, 2011

Decoupage a Pumpkin.

Hey, guess what?

It's fall.

I chilled out for the remainder of the summer and didn't blog.
I bet you didn't even miss me. (Not fishing...)

I baked a little bit. Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcakes and mini oreo cheesecakes. Not bad, especially since I baked them in the same week.

I also got back around to making a neat-o wedding photo book on Shutterfly for some Christmas gifts.
Since I ordered before the 28th, I got 20 percent off my order!! Always good.
The preview for the wedding book should be on the post before this one.

Looking forward to going thrifting, so that I can find some cool picture frames for our wedding photos.

And as much as I hate to admit it, I love living in the South. When I was younger, like most people, I longed to live somewhere else... anywhere else. However, I discovered that the quirks that I so disliked when I was young, have grown on me to where I will annoy my children with them as well.
Example numero uno: Constant reader of Southern Living. I love the recipes, the photos of the seasons in the South, and the many, many, many festivals that are held all over the southeast. This Saturday, Jesse and I are going to the annual Greek Festival in Birmingham. I love this festival. The food is amazing. The music and dancing are great and the little shops are so charming. (Last year, Jesse was thisclose to buying my engagement ring there. Just sayin'.)

One thing I miss since I moved from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham is the chaos of Alabama football. The Friday before the game, the town is swamped with fans walking around campus, shopping at the Supe Store, setting up for tailgating, etc. The Saturday of the game, Tuscaloosa's a bigger madhouse than the day before. Traffic is unbearable, people have begun to begin drinking heavily before noon (which on Alabama game days is always acceptable...not really), the smell of barbecue and other deliciousness fills the air. I'm hoping that Jesse and I can make it down to Tuscaloosa for at least one tailgate. Mmmm...

Hope you enjoy these things as much as I do.
Have a great Monday.

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  1. Um, well I know you aren't fishing, but I DID miss you (in blogland, not in real life because I got to see you - ha!)

    I know - B'ham people just don't do it up like Ttown on gamedays. I miss it too. (Even though it's so cool to pretend to be annoyed by "out of towners" when you are a true Tuscaloosan.)


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