Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Backwards Contacts

Tuesday that feels like a Monday. 

4-day work week for my last week 
at The University of Alabama. 

Could it get any better than that?

Last week of getting my favorite iced coffee
from Chloe's Cup.
I didn't even pick up a coffee card today
after I had used mine on Friday, 
because I knew I wouldn't achieve the
10 coffees for one free one
anytime soon. 

Must scout coffee shops near 
my new job this weekend... 
alas I will not have time.

I am preparing for Lindsey's baby shower
on Saturday, but will first celebrate
Girls' Night with the ladies
on Friday and make the many 
baby shower cupcakes there. 

I'm using some Party City 
items to add to the decor
with the Hot Pink/Lime Green 
color scheme. 

It's going to look awesome. 

Also, did anyone else know that 
the Social Security office would be
so jam-packed with people today?
And during the lunch hour, too... 
And once you give them the info
it takes TWO WEEKS for a new card 
to come in the mail. 
 I'm an idiot.

Have a great Tuesday. 


  1. Aww..I cannot see the picture!

  2. Sad day! I guess it only works on my computer... and alas the store didn't have the baking cups I wanted anyway... back to the drawing board.


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