Friday, May 6, 2011

Wilted Flowers

Last night, Jesse and I drove around to find some caches,
which I was totally fine with, because it meant
doing something completely normal.

However, my mind was still consumed
with the damages that are still in my town
and towns all over Alabama.

We drove through Gardendale, AL
and there isn't much, if any damage there
and I began noticing businesses that they
had that Tuscaloosa just doesn't have anymore.

We passed Hobby Lobby and immediately
the image of that building that I frequented
is no longer recognizable.
The only consolation is that a wagon wheel bench
that had taken residence in that store for years
is probably put to rest. (When Harry Met Sally, anyone?)

I can't drive through neighborhoods or main streets
to get to my mother's house in Tuscaloosa
without seeing destruction and devastation.
She lives right off of 15th Street
and there are detours galore in order to make
it to her house.

Because of these images in my head,
I can't help but feel completely guilty
when I go back to Pinson in the evenings
and then feel angry at people in those towns
 who don't seem to be as concerned about
my  town.

Totally irrational, I know.
I figure I will harbor these emotions
until the images of these scenes
are replaced with new buildings and homes
and memories.

Also, I take complete hope that God is
continuing to restore my hope
by showing me love and grace
through his people.

I heard on the radio yesterday morning
as I was driving to work
that there was a quicker response of support and
help to the tornado victims
than for Hurricane Katrina. 
I don't think I have ever seen so many 
volunteer stations set up around a town
being so generous to a people
who have lost everything precious to them. 

I keep my hope that everything will be all right.  

For more ways to help, please refer to the organizations mentioned
in the previous blogs from this week.
Also, there are many benefit concerts being planned
as I type and I look forward to what those
will contribute to the relief.

And for those who can't be in Alabama
and help physically,
buy a t-shirt.

And this one:

Do what you can.

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